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New Horizon is a science fiction world which holds the soul of a fantasy world's loose and inventive play style and its sense of exploration and wonder. New Horizon role-playing games are all about finding yourself in an alien world which humanity have adopted for their own and experiencing exciting adventures while exploring the wild and unknown.

New Horizon offers a new world filled with enough fantastic animals and mysteries to satisfy every hunter, and enough paranormal phenomena to please every adventurer. Explore this world as a wily and cunning human, a powerfully enhanced cyborg, or a genetically spliced and enhanced human created from the deadliest animals on the planet. Or pick from one of three races of androids, the nimble Aesirs, the versatile and deadly Vanirs and the sturdy giants known as Jotuns. Experience exciting battles where slashing melee weapons confront blazing firearms, and find your way through the exciting world of New Horizon.